Physical features of the port of Zeebrugge


    Location: 51° 20’ N -3° 12’ E.
    The port lies 18.5 nautical miles (34 km) from SW Akkaert (this is the location 51° 23’ N – 02° 43’ E, 14 km off the coast of Ostend where the first pilot is taken on board ships bound for Flemish ports).

    Map of the port


    Road network in port area:

    42,7 km

    Rail network in port area:

    187,3 km

    Inland waterway connections:

    The port is connected to the inland waterway network via the Boudewijnkanaal and the Ghent-Bruges-Ostend waterway (“vaart??). The capacity of the Ghent-Bruges-Ostend waterway is limited to 1,350 ton (category IV) inland vessels.

    Number of kilometres of quay walls:

    18,2 km

    Total surface of port area:

    2.857 ha, of which water surface: 1.000 ha


    Pierre Vandammesluis: LxWxD = 500m x 57m x 18.50m (at high tide)
    Visartsluis : LxWxD = 210m x 20m x 9.00m (at high tide)

    Maritime access:

    Access at all times of day to ships with a draught of 14.00 m (= 46 foot) – at high tide 16.77 m (= 55 feet)
    Average tide difference: 3,64 metres (Source:
    MDK Kust)
    Water levels in real time (MOW)