The Flemish Port Commission (Vlaamse Havencommissie in Dutch) contributes to the preparation of port policy.

It has an advisory and recommendatory mission as well as a research and informative mission.

The Flemish ports of Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge and Ostend are of major importance for the Flemish and Belgian economy. They boast enormous direct and indirect activity: transport, transhipment and storage, distribution, commerce, services, industry, etc. Each of these activities is a source of employment and added value. It is clear that Flanders attaches great importance to its ports and to a sound port policy. It is in view of this that the Flemish Government constituted the Flemish Port Commission (FPC) in 1989.

flemish port commission session

The Flemish Port Commission consists of four different groups of members: eight delegates of the Flemish employers' associations, eight delegates of the Flemish trade unions, one delegate of respectively inland navigation, road and rail transport, and eleven delegates of the Flemish ports (Antwerp has five delegates; Zeebrugge, Ostend and Ghent each have two delegates). The chair is an independent expert.